If your food business has a real estate need, we are the team to work with.

We work with our clients from the early stages of thinking about and planning for a new facility through move-in and start-up of operations. Our depth of knowledge in refrigerated facilities has been cultivated by our involvement in the development of state-of-the-art meat processing facilities, food manufacturing facilities, bakeries, food packaging facilities and food distribution facilities.


Build-To-Suit / Renovation / Expansion

Construction projects strain a company’s resources and divert its employees’ attention away from its core operations. We’re here to minimize those negative impacts.

We reduce the financial burden and risk of a construction project by sourcing the debt and providing all equity required to complete the project.

We sit at the table as our clients’ representative and ensure their best interests are the primary consideration in every decision made. Our success is directly tied to our clients’ success, so we strive to construct the most efficient and effective facilities, tailored to our clients’ operations and future strategic plans.

Our projects are completed on an open-book basis, which promotes collaborative decision making. As a result, our clients understand the impact that each decision has on the budget and schedule.

Our services include: site selection, incentive negotiation, acquisition, due diligence, entitlement, budgeting, capital sourcing, team assembly & coordination (architect, engineer, general contractor and subcontractors), contract negotiations, design input, special systems input, permitting, construction management and long-term ownership.


We work with our clients to determine the appropriate property values and lease structures based on market data and the companies’ long-term business plans.

We purchase our clients’ real estate with the intention of long-term ownership. This allows us to be creative and flexible when structuring transactions and leases.

Our clients know their landlord and we know our tenants’ businesses.

Due to our long-term approach, the success of our clients’ businesses directly correlates with our success. As such, we welcome and help fund our clients’ improvements and expansions, if they enhance or improve our clients’ business operations.


We use market analytics, supply chain networks, incentive packages and workforce demographics to drive our property searches. Each search is tailored to our clients’ business models and desired locations.

We help negotiate our clients’ leases and purchase and sale agreements, and we guide our clients through due diligence.